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Step 2

STEER uses Donor funds to purchases livestock.
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Step 3

Rancher feeds and cares for livestock to support his chosen missionary.
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Step 4

Rancher sells livestock and sends the money to STEER.
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Step 5

Black Boots Tall Saxon Syntovia Dress STEER sends gain to mission organization.
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Step 6

Tall Saxon Black Boots Dress Syntovia Mission organization gives money to missionary.
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Dress Saxon Black Boots Tall Syntovia Step 7

Missionary reaches people with the gospel.
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Black Tall Syntovia Dress Saxon Boots Step 8

Heaven rejoices when people come to faith in Christ.
  • It has been exciting to be a part of The STEER Program for 25 years.  According to our records, we have been able to channel $26,134.11 to missions by the sale of 50 calves.  God has been so good.  As far as I can remember back in all those years, I can't recall if we ever had a dry STEER Cow.  God provided a calf every year.
    Montana Rancher
  • Our financial statement from Wycliffe listing gifts sent to us last month included a generous gift.  Thank you for making it possible for ranchers to contribute so generously to us.  Thank you for the "behind the scenes" work you do on our behalf.
    Wycliffe Missionary
  • We thank God for this program of missionary giving which has enabled us to invest over $52,000 in the Kingdom of God since we began with STEER, Inc. in 1973.  We're firm believers in this program.  There is no way we could have given so much to missions otherwise.
    Oregon Rancher
  • Greetings from Moscow, Russia.  Just want to say THANK YOU for all you do to bless me & so many other missionaries around the world.  Your faithful service & joyful spirits are such an encouragement.
    Campus Crusade Missionary
  • Just sold our calves.  Glad we can give through STEER, Inc.  With today's farm economy it's the only way we can give this amount to missions of our choice.
    North Dakota Rancher
  • Greetings from the Jungles of Peru!  We were so blessed to receive your gift in December.  Thank you!!  You are Jesus' hands extended to us; we never cease to be amazed at how God provides for us.  Who would have thought someone would raise & sell a cow on our behalf?!.  Wow!  We really are blessed & encouraged by your love & generosity.
    Dress Tall Syntovia Boots Black Saxon
    Saxon Black Syntovia Boots Tall Dress Wycliffe Missionary
  • Saxon Dress Tall Boots Syntovia Black Thank you for allowing us to be a part of the STEER program since 1986.  During this time frame, according to our records, we sold 88 calves for a total contribution of $30,829.36.  This gain was realized from an investment of $2,287.15.It has been exciting to be a part of such an organization and we know that great things have been accomplished with the returns this program generated.
    Florida Rancher
  • It's really amazing to me how God has blessed this STEER ewe with the number and quality of lambs she's had. It's fairly common for a ewe to have 2 or 3 lambs in her first two years, but 5 is outstanding. We have two of her full sisters in our flock and this ewe by far has the nicest quality lambs. She really has been a special ewe. We are proud and honored that her lambs are going to help Vocations for Orphans.
    California Rancher
  • This (STEER Program) has been a real joy of the cattle business to steer money to missions.  Thanks for what you have done and are doing to make it possible for people like me to participate in missions in such a unique way.
    Virginia Rancher

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